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Tourism in the Bay of Somme

During your stay on Camping De La Motte**** in the Somme, we recommend a few sites and activities you may not miss.

Discover the Bay of Somme and its charming sand beaches where birds and estuary landscapes offer a sumptuous sight! To make your visit to the Bay of Somme complete, go for a boat trip on one of the boats of the bay to admire the exceptional setting and maybe meet with seals.


The Parc du Marquenterre is set at the heart of the nature reserve of the Bay of Somme and invites you to admire various migratory birds and fauna. From one of the observation huts, you'll see herons, grebes, storks, blackbirds, avocets... The park is also known for its henson horses; you can take a carriage ride or go horse riding.


Travel through time on board of a Belle Epoque steam train, and get to Cayeux-sur-mer, Crotoy or Saint-Valéry-sur-Mer.


To see green monuments and remarkable trees, the Forêt de Crécy is worth a visit. Eight signposted tracks invite you for a hike along the clearing of Muguet, the 'Mare aux Loups', big beech trees, old oaks,...


For those who love birds and nature, we recommend the bird centre Maison de la baie de Somme et des oiseaux. You can observe and approach various stuffed species without being concerned to scare them away. In addition, the centre offers you a hike in the nature of the Bay with a guide.


In Argoules near Camping De La Motte, you can discover the Abbey of Valloires and its magnificent gardens. As a true gem of baroque art, the Abbey opens its doors to you and tells you its story.


Also visit the Castle of Rambures, a splendid fortress of the 15th century. With a guide, you can admire the inside of the castle and its typical decoration. Then, you can visit the English garden and discover centenary trees.