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seagulls on the beaches of Picardiesheeps on the beaches of Picardiebetween heaven and earth, in Picardieswans enjoying the Picardy suncabins on the beaches of the Bay of Sumbeaches and castles in Picardieseal in the bay of sum near camping *** de la motte in quend in the sum

Bay of Somme

The bay of Somme is an expanse of open water, marshes, dunes and saltwater meadows.


With coastlines stretching over 44 miles, the estuary extending over 72 km, its long sandy beaches, coastal towns, bird reserves, and countryside, the bay of Somme attracts 10 million French tourists every year as well as Belgians and English who come to explore this charming maritime region.

For a full tour of the bay, we recommend you take a boat trip and just sit back and admire the fabulous views....  A variety of amazing landscapes, wild fauna and flora and you might even catch a glimpse of a colony of seals !